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It was October 2014. My father had changed my sister's oil on her car and felt like he pulled a muscle. Sure enough he figured he did something to his colon, because he started having dark stools signifying an internal bleed. He figured it would clear up in a few days. I had talked to my mother on one of those days soon after and she told me about the situation. Two weeks later I called my mother to ask her a question and she told me that dad was STILL having troubles and that he was really pale and weak. I went down to their house which was 20 minutes away. My father was almost unresponsive when I got there. We couldn't get him to stand up...he was so weak, so we had to call an ambulance. He wasn't at our local hospital for long....they said his kidneys had shut down and he had to be transferred to a hospital 20-30 miles away to get emergency dialysis if needed. We really didn't realize how sick my dad was until he had received 10 units of blood and 2 units of plasma. Over those 2 weeks that he had been sick, he had lost 75% of his blood. Most people don't survive an emergency like that..... Blood donors SAVED my dad's life. I had been giving blood since I was in college over 20 years ago. In that moment, the need for blood donation became personal. My dad has had other struggles with his health, but is currently doing quite well with his new lease on life. I am forever grateful to my fellow blood donors for the gift of life to my father.

Blood donet

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Mara wife ne blood ab+ ni jarur hti Ane Aa link dvara amne madd mali khub khub aabhar