Gujarat Blood Group

Terms and Conditions

  1. All the information provided by the user at the time of registration must be true.
  2. This site will provide just communication between donors and needy people, it will not provide blood.
  3. Gujarat Blood Group (GBG) does not have any blood bank and it is not affiliated with any blood bank or organization.
  4. The registered donors will donate blood on their own wish, it is not under GBG’s criteria.
  5. Gujarat Blood Group does not claim for any kind of legal issues related to blood, because it just provide a bridge between donor and patient.
  6. It is patient’s responsibility to verify the blood taken from donor,  GBG will not be responsible for incontinence issues of patients.
  7. Contact information of the blood donor will be available to all other people.
  8. Our registration form requires users to give us contact information (like name, e-mail, phone/contact numbers etc). Contact information from the registration forms is used to get in touch with the customer when necessary. This information will not be shared with third party organizations by GBG but it is publicly available to all users. Thus GBG will not be responsible for any misuse of personal information of the registered donors.
  9. Gujarat Blood Group does not claim that potential donors are free from any disease or bodily conditions that prevent them from donating blood at the time when they are contacted for blood donation.
  10. Gujarat Blood Group does not guarantee that a potential donor will agree to donate blood whenever called upon to do so. It is entirely at the discretion of the individual whether or not to donate blood.